As Annals of Social Sciences and Perspective (ASSAP) policy author (s) are entitled to hold the copyrights and self-archiving rights. They are allowed and encouraged to deposit their research in institutional repositories and other archives.

ASSAP urges to share the knowledge at maximum by making the publications accessible from several digital and academic repositories around the world. Journal digitally maintains archives to preserve scholarly content for long-term availability to the community. ASSAP has made sure that published research is archived in compliance with standards of known repositories. So that their digital record keepers can collect and update the journal’s content.


All the articles editorially accepted for publication by the Annals of Social Sciences and Perspective (ASSAP) are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License 4.0 International (CC BY NC 4.0). Submitting a manuscript to ASSAP, the corresponding author has to certify that he/ she is authorized by other contributors (s) and co-author (s) to enter the publication process.

He/ She shall assure on behalf of all authors (s) that:

  1. The manuscript is original, it has not been published in any other journal before, is not under consideration for any other journal and does not violate any existing copyrights or any other rights of a third party.
  2. I/we have full authority to enter into this agreement for granting the rights to ASSAP as sole author (s) of the article without breaching any other obligation.
  3. The manuscript does not contain any unlawful and libelous content or anything that would breach the agreement (s) of confidence, commitment, and secrecy.
  4. I/we certify that due care has been taken to ensure the reliability of the article. All purported statements and information are facts to the best of my/our knowledge and the currently accepted standards of scientific knowledge. Therefore, any of the proposed methods or instructions will not, if followed accurately, cause any damage or loss to the user(s).