Stem Cell Tourism and International Trade of Unapproved Stem Cell Interventions


  • Sajid Ali
  • Saif ur Rahman
  • Muhammad Khalid Anser



Stem cell tourism, Stem cell industry, International Trade, Stem cell treatment, Unapproved stem cell interventions, Health risks


Nowadays, stem cell treatments for different medical situations are generally advertised
through websites of different global hospitals and clinics. However, most stem cell treatments
are clinically unapproved. This paper describes different features of the international trade of
stem cell tourism, including the locality, risks and environmental regulations. Stem cell
tourism is considered to be a subset of a far broader industry of stem cell interventions, which
may be suitable in extraordinary conditions where the number of patients is small. However,
the extensive trade and application of stem cell treatment in different countries does not give
the affirmation of health gains to qualify as treatment and producing regulatory problems for
the development of effective stem cell treatments and patient care. The governments should
provide sufficient funding by supervising the public research programs and formulate new
governance structures for coercive transnational activities related to international trade of
unapproved stem cell interventions.