Women Rights in Constitutions of Pakistan


  • Zaheer Hussain Soomro
  • Amir Ahmed Khuhro
  • Safdar Ali




Constitution, Civil Rights, Discrimination, Shelter, Women Rights


The constitution is the prime document of any state to define the policy to run the country. Even Constitution is divided into kinds and types. Constitution describing the purposes, intentions, standards and goals to shelter the persons and essential civil rights of the public. The Constitution of Pakistan is the guideline for the fundamental rights of people. Before the creation of Pakistan there were Indian Act 1935 and the state was ruled under the governor general, later the new constitution was presented in form of objectives resolution, first time females privileges were incorporated later in the 1956 constitution the independence of the judiciary and civil rights were incorporate, later in 1962 constitution it was assured to confirm the far-reaching marginal privileges later in the constitution of 1973 women rights were included without dissemination on the base of (race, color, sex, caste, religion, dwelling, or place of birth) and ensure the women participation in all domains of ordinary life with shelter government.