Academic Tracking Needs among High School Students


  • Misbah Manzoor PhD Scholar (ETE) Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad, Pakistan
  • MUhammad Sami Ullah Assistant Professor (ECE&ETE) Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • Sajid Manzoor



Academic Tracking, Needs, Student' Performances, Framework


Academic tracking is the formal practice of separating students into distinct educational programs. It separates students into groups according to an observed ability, thus each track group consists of a more or less homogeneous student population. Academic tracking is widely used in academic systems around the world. It has been an important aspect to achieve a better educational system. This research study is designed to explore the teachers’ and Principals’ perceptions about the need of academic tracking at the secondary school level. The objectives of the study were (a) to find out the Principals’ and teachers’ perceptions regarding the need of academic tracking for students at secondary school level and (b) to develop a framework for academic tracking. The design of the study was descriptive in nature. A mixed- methods approach that merges both qualitative and quantitative techniques were employed in the study. The population of the study consisted of  163 teachers and 7 Principals of Islamabad Model Schools and Colleges for Girls. Quantitative data from teachers were collected through questionnaire and qualitative data from Principals were collected through interviews. Data were collected by the personal visits of the researcher. Mean and percentage were used to analyze the quantitative data. Whereas, the qualitative data were analyzed through thematic analysis by using NVivo software. The study results showed that a positive teachers’ perceptions exists about academic tracking needs. Most of the respondents agreed that tracking is needed as it flourishes healthy competition among students and known as necessary for the students’ motivation and growth. It was recommended that uniform tracking system may be executed across the country

Author Biographies

Misbah Manzoor, PhD Scholar (ETE) Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad, Pakistan

PhD Scholar

Sajid Manzoor

visiting faculty NUML ISLAMABAD