Social Exclusion Pushes Transgender toward Drug Abuse in Pakistan: A Case Study of Islamabad


  • Umair Ahmed Lecturer, Department of Sociology and Criminology, University of Sargodha
  • Shaista Mariam Mphil scholar, Department of Sociology and Criminology, University of Sargodha



Social Exclusion of Transgenders, Drugs abuse among Transgender, Transgender in Pakistan


In the earlier century, the concept of drug abuse has prevailed rapidly, resulting in its spread on a greater level. Drug use and abuse have reached the point where it has been marked as a social evil that will stay longer because there isn't any existing button or a quick stop method for eliminating and controlling this menace. It is majorly affecting those parts of the society that are fragile and are working hard for their mere survival in the society as normal human beings, who are known as transgenders. Various evidence has been given that proves that transgenders are at greater risk of this drug-related issue. A qualitative research design has been used to conduct this study. In-depth interviews have conducted to get detailed information about their experiences with drugs and did this with the help and guidance of the interview guide. The Snowball sampling technique has used for analyzing the outcomes of this study. A comprehensive assessment of respondents has done in this research. The finding of the present study indicated that the transgenders considered an abnormality of the society are being badly treated, facing discrimination, and stigmatized by the so-called ordinary members of society. Some significant issues related to drug abuse in transgenders have been studied and checked in this research. Furthermore, detailed investigations have been done to search for the root cause behind drug addiction among transgenders.