Globalization: A Source of Modernism among the Women in Pakistan


  • Asmat Naz



Globalization, Modernization, Pakistani Women, Transformation, Society


Globalization is the process, which highly effecting the people living in different parts of the world, by the huge transformation of socio-cultural tones. It is the process of increasing interconnectedness between the people and societies as the incidents in any part of the world have more effects on people and societies of the world. Through globalization the world has changed into a global village. The globalization is also influencing the women of every society. In Pakistan the women are living in a traditional conservative structure of the society. Yet, they are adopting the changing patterns of modernization under globalization. The women of Pakistan are trying to enhance their capabilities and transforming the traditionalism with the modernism. They are advancing in every field of life like men. The research study focuses on the social, educational, economical and political as well as humanitarian status of the women in Pakistan. It also emphasizes on different aspects of modernism and intellectual diversity in women’s life and their struggle to compete the modern challenges of globalization. The proposed empirical research based on theoretical approaches elaborates the transformation and modernism among the women and its impacts on socio-cultural and economic development of Pakistan.