Does Public Expenditures and Globalization Spur Quality Of Life? Evidence from South Asian Countries


  • Sajid Ali
  • Muhammad Faheem



Globalization, GMM, South Asian Countries


In recent years, health of the people has been progressively affected by globalization and public spending, even as public spending to improve health status of the people in world has been increased dramatically. The study discusses the impact of globalization and public expenditures on two indicators of health or quality of life (infant mortality rate and life expectancy) in South Asian countries. The study found that globalization and public expenditures have negative and significant association with infant mortality rate. On the other hand, globalization and public expenditures have significant and positive relationship with life expectancy. Political globalization is insignificant in our models. The possible reason for this situation is that in South Asian countries, the political system and political institutions are not strong and well-planned and they are unable to influence the quality of life of the people. The results indicate that globalization and public expenditures are contributing to improve the health status in South Asian countries.