US Drone Attacks: it’s Impacts on Pakistan’s Sovereignty


  • Fatima Ali
  • Safdar Ali



USA, Pakistan, Security, Drown attacks, Terrorism


In response to the terrorist’s attack on the Pentagon and the World Trade Centre on 11th September 2001, the forces of United States launched a global counterterrorism campaign. The sovereignty of Pakistan is also escaped in the counter attacks of terrorism. Pakistan always stands first in the warfare against bombing but still it is paying a high cost of this war. So, Pakistan is fronting a fragile refuge circumstances as American drones are bombing on the citizens in the ancestral zones by violating its boundaries on top of old smoky. In contrast, equipped fighters of diverse outfits are conflicting with legislative security equipment not only in the ancestral zones albeit urban settled areas too. Thus, the security condition in Pakistan has worsened since past two decades and the nation is completely unprotected likewise it had been throughout the Soviet assaults of Afghanistan. The proposed research is an attempt to explain the key role of Pakistan in the war against terrorism through the deductive and analytical research approaches. However, the sacrifices of Pakistan are not considered at the global and regional levels, despite it has paid heavy cost of it.