Does Inflation have Effect on Economic Growth? Empirical Evidence from Pakistan


  • Raima Nazar
  • Aisha Ambreen
  • Sumbal Sabtain



Inflation, Gross Domestic Product, Trade Openness, Literacy rate, Gross Capital Formation


Pakistan is one of the developing countries instead of possessing large amount of natural resources like mines, reserves of coal, adequate amount of minerals and oil, But, Pakistan is still deprived of basic necessities of life and suffering from extreme inflation in the country. Therefore, this study is an attempt to synopsis the impact of inflation on GDP of Pakistan. This study mainly focus on the inflation rate from the period 1980 to 2016, time series annual data has been employed in the study. The Auto Regressive Distributed Lag Model technique is applied in the study in order to estimate and analyze the data. The study concludes that inflation indicates negative impact on the GDP of Pakistan and it can only be minimized if all resources of the country are properly allocated and fully utilized.