Representation of Female Figure in Sidhwa’s “The Bride”


  • Hira Ali
  • Tabinda Khawer
  • Noor-ul-Ain



Patriarchy, Postcolonial-feministic approach, Gynocriticism, Honour, Manipulation, Harsh treatment, privilege, Customs, Sidhwa, The Bride


The research aims at examining the essence of patriarchy in the ill-treatment of post-colonial women. Women were deliberately manipulated in that era. This highlights the absurdity of patriarchal society as a governing power. The ruthless customs, honor of tribes and word of shame has only meanings for women. A patriarchal society like Pakistan which is repressive and oppressive gives privilege to men and allows their harsh treatment toward women, they are considered inferior to men and are sexually oppressed. This work covers the ways of Sidhwa with which she has applied the feministic approach in her work through gynocritic lense and concludes the excellence of the writer by which she has presented such a marvelous piece of English fiction in the history of Pakistan. We will also make an effort to depict the suppressed, objective, gendered and marginalized journey of Sidhwa’s woman.