Status and Rights of Transgender in the Constitution of Pakistan


  • Faiza Hassnain MPhil Scholar, Department of History & Pakistan Studies, The Women University Multan
  • Fatima Ali Assistant Professor, Department of History & Pakistan Studies, The Women University, Multan
  • Iqra Ashraf Lecturer, Department of History & Pakistan Studies, The Women University Multan.



Transgender, Constitution, Society, Status, Pakistan


The transgender community of Pakistan is not only deprived of their basic human rights, but they also must meet social, psychological, verbal, and physical abuse. Though a bill was passed to protect the rights of the transgender community in Pakistan in 2018, the stereotypical society has not changed its attitude towards this marginalized community. It is sad to see that the implementation of the act is impossible by society. According to Islam, every human being has the liberty to enjoy commendable social status and every individual is the right to fight for basic human rights. But sadly, our customs and traditions have turned back towards Muslim teachings, and we throw out the socially and sexually indifferent people. We make them a marginalized community and compel them to commit obnoxious acts. This research paper presents a comparison between the social and legal status given to the transgender community in Pakistan.