The Relationship Between Supply Chain, Risk Management and Safety Compliance in the Harum Manis Industry in Perlis, Malaysia


  • Sivanisswari Taradasandan School of Education, College of Arts and Science, Universiti Utara Malaysia
  • Mohan Rathakrishnan Senior Lecturer, School of Education, College of Arts and ScienceUniversiti Utara Malaysia.
  • Saralah Devi Mariamdaran Chethiyar Lecturer, Psychology & Counselling Program, School of Applied Psychology, Social Work and Policy, College of Arts and Sciences, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Malaysia



Harun Manis” is a name given to a sweet mango cultivate in Perlis, Malaysia. Lately, the performance in the Harun Manis industry has been founded to be declining. Some organizations are aware of these issues related to owners' quality performance. This study investigates the relationship between supply chain, risk management, and safety compliance on quality performance in the “Harum Manis” Industry in Perlis, Malaysia. For this study, a quantitative method has been used. The questionnaire consists of 3 sections using respondents' personal information and a 5-point Likert scale regarding the variable. Questionnaires were also distributed to the owners of the “Harum Manis” industry. The acceptable Cronbach alpha value for each item is more than 0.8, and this questionnaire's content validity was based on research that had already been done. Non-probability sampling was used for this study. The results show that supply chain, risk management, safety compliance, and quality performance are strongly linked. The research found a link between the three independent variables and improving the "Harum Manis" industry in Perlis, even though there are some limits and problems.

Keywords: Supply Chain, Risk Management; Safety Compliance; Quality Performance, Harun Manis Industry