Perceptions of Students regarding Teachers’ Morality in the Perspective of School Curriculum


  • Naeem Babar School Education Department, Government of Punjab, Pakistan.
  • Nadia Gilani Assistant Professor, Department of Teacher Education, University of Okara, 56300, Pakistan.
  • Syed Abdul Waheed Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Studies, University of Okara, 56300, Pakistan.



curriculum, textbooks, morality, school students, school teachers


The study investigates the morality of school teachers from the perspective of their students’ reflections while the teachers were teaching content on morality in schools. The objective of the study was to analyze the content of moral education and values in English, Urdu, Islamic Studies, Social Studies, and Pakistan Studies of grades 3 to 10 published by the Punjab Text Book Board for the years 2019 and 2020 to understand students’ perspectives about the extent the morality is reflected in teachers’ behaviour in accordance to the content on morality. For content analysis, a checklist was prepared after an extensive review of the relevant literature. A questionnaire was also developed to collect the perspectives of these students. The population of the study consisted of students of public schools in Punjab, Pakistan and the sample was comprised of randomly selected 502 students of grades 9 and 10. It was revealed that content on morality was less than it ought to be and from the perceptions of students, the morality level of teachers is more than ‘average’. The focus should be on practicing these values in society and parents and teachers have to play their role in the inculcation of moral values among youth.