Social and Marital Life of Disable Baggers: A Case Study of Multan


  • Muhammad Hashim
  • Yasir Nawaz
  • Syed Waqas Shabbir NNU, China
  • Inam ul Haq



Social, Marital Life, Bagging


Social and marital life of special people who are Bagger (case study of Multan city) Objective of the Study) this study was about  socio-cultural, economic, legal, infrastructural and environmental factors that affect marital life of special people and the  socio-cultural factors in which sense affect the weeded life of handicap bagger Especially in Multan the special people are facing problems related to  socio-marital life and problems regarding Bagger in Multan a simple alternative to bagging is to partition the data into separate subgroups. This study was descriptive and the nature of the research was qualitative ten case were examined with the help of interview guide and the data was analysis at the end of each case study. The purposive and convenient sampling was used as a data collection tool the target population was the Multan city and surrounding.