Review: Food price fluctuations and its influence on global food market


  • Ifra Chaudhry Institute of Food Science & Nutrition, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan Pakistan
  • Raheel Suleman
  • Adrish Bhatti Department of Business Administration, Times Institute Multan, Pakistan
  • Inam Ullah Department of Food Science and Technology, University of Haripur, KPK Pakistan



price fluctuation, influence, global market


Food price fluctuation is a multifarious problem in the food marketing. Food price fluctuations have a huge effect on the vulnerable. Food security considered at three levels (household, national and international levels). Food supply, safety, physical and financial accessibility, and food utilization are the four pillars of food security. Since 2006-2007, the costs of most food products in Pakistan have risen by more than 100 percent. Consumption patterns, income, market and stockholding are the main causes of increased food prices. Maternal and child nutrition affected due to price fluctuation at individual level. Short term and long-term police are important to improve food productivity by enhancing agricultural system. The main focus of the study is to identify the effects of price fluctuations on poor pregnant women diet specifically in Pakistan and then on the children. If mother is malnourished or micronutrient deficient then child will also be deficient in that specific nutrient and deficiency will run in families. Hence our purpose is to find out these deficiencies in Pakistan and better implementation of policies.