Cash Grant for Women: What we achieved from Income Support Program of Pakistan?


  • Mahmood ul Hasan University of Sargodha
  • Muhammad Waqas
  • Safana Shaheen
  • Saifullah



Poverty, Benazir Income Support Program, Women Empowerment, Pakistan


The study found that Benazir Income Support Program has positive impact to control the extent of poverty in Pakistan; however, the grant is unable to get the beneficiary out of poverty. We interviewed 1000 female beneficiaries of this social protection program from Punjab province of Pakistan and found that the amount of grant helps to manage household expenditures and their food intake has been improved. Major share of the grant goes to the food followed by clothing and education. The results of multinomial regression found that increase in the family size is the factor that blurs the poverty reduction goal of Benazir Income Support Program. Moreover, the beneficiary belonged to rural area and unemployment of the household head are also the reasons that grant is unable to reduce poverty level.