Sociological Study of Work Load and Autonomy among Female Farm Workers in Punjab Pakistan


  • Tehmeena Ikram Ullah
  • Nazia Malik
  • Sadaf Mahmood
  • Farhana Nosheen



Female autonomy, Farming activities, Workload, Decision Making, Economic


Literature suggests that the women are underprivileged around the globe in all spheres of life with mere differences. Female labor participation in agricultural sphere is most significant for economic development of any country especially for developing countries. Almost 43% of agricultural labor consists on female workers around the world and 67% of female labor force work in agriculture in Pakistan. The research in hand was gender based study conducted to assess the work load and level of autonomy among female farm workers in Punjab Pakistan. It was cross sectional quantitative study, interview schedule was used as data collection tool, multistage and proportionate sampling was used to draw sample of 400 female respondents from Punjab. SPSS was used for Univariate, bivariate and Multivariate data analysis. The study concluded that female in farming bear heavy work load with least level of autonomy in Punjab Pakistan.