Organization Culture Change and its Effect on Women’s Motivation


  • Zeeshan Rasool School of Economics and Management, Shaanxi University of Science and Technology Xi'an, China
  • Rabail Shoukat Management Science Department, Bahria University Karachi Campus, Pakistan



Organizational culture; women’s motivation; organizational planning; strategy developnment.


The research study is mainly about the organization's culture change and its effect on women’s motivation in the organization. The selected organization for this research is K-Electric and the study focuses on the transition and transformation in the organizational context. The objectives have been developed to identify and investigate that how cultural change can affect motivation. In this regard, a review of literature has been done to conduct the secondary analysis, however, for primary analysis, semi-structured interviews have been conducted and a close-ended questionnaire has been developed on Likert scale to obtain quantitative nature of data, to further analyze it by applying the quantitative tools and methods in particular. The main findings of the overall research are that the organizational culture change in K-Electric has a direct and profound impact on the women's level of motivation. Moreover, programs that were undertaken to motivate the women's also resulted in women's increased level of adaptability and flexibility in the organization to a greater extent. The research limitation and future implications have also been discussed in the research. Along with this, the conclusion of the overall study has been given; in addition to the recommendations to further bring improvements in the organizational planning and formulated strategies.